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Wireless Camera Systems

Wireless Camera Systems – a cost effective upgrade to HEVC/4K

With end-end delay of 60ms (70ms in 4K) and high-end 10-bit, 4:2:2 capability, the BWS Sapphire HEVC/4K was specifically developed by our in-house engineering team to enable users to upgrade their existing Wireless Camera Systems to HEVC and 4K operation. Simply connect a clip-on Sapphire module to the existing COFDM transmitter via a single ASI cable and power via integral V-mount or AB battery plates or D-Tap connector. Similarly, on the RX side, the decoder connects to the ASI output of the receiver and outputs decoded video/audio via standard broadcast connectors.

We offer several form factors to enable users to neatly integrate Sapphire onto their existing systems.