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Sapphire software update: Dramatic enhancements, including improved picture quality

An updated software release is now available for Sapphire products that will bring you numerous enhancements, including:

  • Reduction of encoding noise in ultra-low latency is dramatic! You’ll gain improved picture quality in all video formats at all bitrates.
  • Full IP decoding support without additional IP module. The previous limitations on video encoding mode or audio codecs are now gone.
  • UDP/RTP transmit and receive now supports up to 50Mbps without need for additional IP module.
  • SRT v1.4.2 and wide range of reliability improvements to SRT supporting bitrates up to 20Mbps.
  • USB store-and-forward support for OEM PCBs or Sapphire units with accessible USB interfaces.
  • Bug fixes: full range covered in release notes.

Download free today!

To start taking advantage of the new features, download the latest software update today: