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Sapphire HEVC: the tried-and-tested solution for remote production

With the physical distancing requirements caused by COVID-19, live broadcast and event producers agree that high-quality, reliable remote production is a must-have for the industry. At a time when people most need to be connected, entertained, informed and involved, our BWS technologies have risen to the challenge to ensure this engagement continues to happen, at the quality audiences have come to expect.  

Recently, event media production providers Direct Control UK put Sapphire HEVC encoding  and decoding to the remote production test. Direct Control UK provide event infrastructure and media networking for large-scale events, such as the Edinburgh International Festival  Their goal with the Sapphire test was to enhance their service offerings to their numerous customers with large-scale production needs yet still need to meet social-distancing requirement within their processes.

The Sapphire HEVC family of professional broadcast encoders and decoders employs the latest HEVC compression engines, offering significant bitrate savings over traditional H.264 solutions. Your bandwidth costs are reduced. HEVC standards also support the new 4K UHD formats required for contribution.

Sapphire’s unique QuadSync mode encodes 4x non-synchronous HD signals of differing formats, and, on the decode side, outputs them converted to a single, fully synchronised production format.

Latency is critical in many broadcast applications, and the Sapphire is built to minimise delay without compromising quality. In ultra-low latency mode, the 60ms end-to-end delay (70ms in 4K) makes the Sapphire solution suitable for all live events.

“Using the exclusive QuadSync feature alongside the Sapphire HEVC’s extremely low-latency streaming allows us to bring multiple remote video feeds to a production environment over the public internet,” says James Mitchelmore, Director of Direct Control UK. “The low latency provides for fully interactive contribution and effective remote control of PTZ cameras. 

“With the Sapphires as trunk connections between installations of Riedel Mediornet de-centralised routers, we can have point-to-point system patching regardless of geographical location.” 

The Sapphire can be easily integrated into existing contribution links, SNG trucks, or flyaway systems to provide a cost-effective upgrade to your current technology.

For more information, please contact:

Broadcast Wireless Systems
Helen Brown,Director              

Direct Control UK
James Mitchelmore, Director