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Sony In Camera System

The AX-SSK Transmit system from Broadcast Wireless Systems is a COFDM digital video transmitter specifically designed to mount inside the removable side panel of the Sony HDC 2400/2500 series of cameras. It enables users to convert their SMPTE fibre equipped camera to a fully featured RF wireless camera, including full telemetry control.

Utilising class-leading Cobham RF technology and High Profile H.264 encoding, the transmitter offers Ultra Low Delay, low power consumption, exceptional range and 40% lower bit-rates compared to legacy MPEG2 systems. This allows true HD transmission in a single 8MHz channel whilst using robust, lower order modulation.

The unit also offers a full Telemetry system which provides remote control of iris, black level, colour balance and other control features, accessed from a standard Sony RCP (not included).


Key Features

  •  Seamless integration into camera body for enhanced balance and reliability
  •  Ultra-low delay H.264 encoding (15ms end-end in 720p59 mode)
  •  DVB-T and UMVL modulation for enhanced high- frequency operation
  •  Telemetry control of iris/black-level/colour balance etc. via standard Sony RCPs
  •  Full control of all TX and telemetry functions via flip-down panel
  •  Low power consumption
  •  Flexible receive system with up to 8 antennas for extended coverage range
  •  Available in frequency bands from 230MHz to 8.6GHz
  •  Comprehensive range of accessories including fibre-optic antenna extenders
Sony In Camera System Datasheet