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Skylogic ODU

As most contributions are simple ‘down the line’ interviews with the studio, all that is required is for the shot to be correctly framed and in focus.

BIPS manufactures a range of modems designed specifically to work with the latest Ka-Band IP-over- Satellite systems.

The Alternative:

Standard modems for these systems are for indoor use only, have domestic connectors and are designed for permanent installation in a dry, temperature controlled environment.

Connection to the antenna is via 2x co-axial cables. These are bulky to carry, have limited length and can be difficult to rig safely. They are also hard to procure locally, should a failure occur on a foreign assignment.

Many systems also require the user to input RF cable loss each time the system is deployed, making the system difficult to use by non-technical personnel.

Domestic modems typically require mains power or 30VDC – often difficult to find in a breaking news situation. 12VDC is usually available from a vehicle or camera crew batteries.

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Key Features

  •  Rugged weatherproof construction
  •  Integral WIFI router for wireless access
  •  Standard broadcast connectors
  •  Powers from 12V via car cigarette socket or V-lok camera batteries (other batteries on request)
  •  Powers the transceiver via co-ax cable
  •  Wireless option eliminates cross-site cabling issues and affords rapid deployment
  •  Mounting kits available for most common Ka-band antennas
BWS Skylogic ODU Datasheet
ODU SKL Manual 2017