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With the Sapphire-MDR, you can now gain the higher-quality video or more-efficient bandwidth offered by HEVC while continuing to use your existing MDR system for your multi-channel wireless camera applications. We’ve integrated our Sapphire encoding with MDR system to allow broadcasters to easily make the leap to HEVC, without having to discard a tried-and-trusted piece of bespoke kit.

HEVC is key for live sports productions. You can gain better dynamic range, wider colour gamut, better resolutions, improved speed and reliability, and lower costs through more efficient bandwith use. The Sapphire bridges an important gap to make this all possible.

The Sapphire-MDR takes up only two slots in an MDR Rack, and integrates with the MDR Rack’s control system.

Perfect for multi-camera applications

Sapphire-MDR’s unique QuadSync mode can deliver up to 4x decoded HD signal streams over a single channel as it is able to encodes 4x non-synchronous HD signals of differing formats (frame-rate must be the same) and, at the decode side, outputs them converted to a single production format and fully synchronised. QuadSync mode is ideal  for any multi-camera application you might have that requires true flexibility.




  • MDR rack-compatible HEVC, H.264,
  • MPEG-2 decoder
  • Decode 4x simultaneous HD signals from a single half-rack unit (QuadSync mode)
  • Reception of true 4K UHD signals with HDR
  • Ultra-low latency for live applications
  • IP SRT and DVB-ASI in 2-slot MDR rack kit for high-density mounting
  • Legacy H.264 and MPEG2


  • Extend the life of your MDR Rack infrastructure
  • Save rack real-estate – up to 4x HD
  • Decoders in 2 slots
  • IP streaming with SRT for internet

Datasheet: Sapphire-MDR decoder