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Nimbus Wireless Camera

The BWS Nimbus is an extremely cost-effective, yet
fully functional wireless camera system. It is
specifically designed to address the semi-professional
market where long distance and non-line of site
operation is not required. The system operates in the
5-6GHz non-licenced band, meaning the user does
not need to obtain a transmission licence and the
operational frequency is fully selectable via the webbrowser
interface. Line-of-sight performance is
typically 900m.


Key Features

  • Cost effective to buy and operate
  • Fully featured yet compact – ideal for smaller ,latest generation camcoders
  • Direct camera mounting via integrated V-mount or Anton Bauer battery plates
  • Low delay H.264 encoding (80ms end-end)
  • Operates in the 5-6GHz Un-licenced band
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in Talkback system
  • On-Board Signal Strength Indicator
  • Camera control (paint) option available

BWS Nimbus 5.8GHz System