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Holkirk TP100Ka/Ku

TP100 Ku IP Flyaway – Broadcast

The Broadcast variant of the TP100 is an ultra-fast, quick-deployable antenna systems from Holkirk Communications, comprising a 16W or 55W BUC and wide-band LNB.

The TP100 Ku IP Flyaway – Broadcast is ideal for store and forward, breaking news, occasional or permanent satellite communication and can form the heart of a IP network injection point from remote locations.

The system has been designed to inter-operate with all the current 3G/4G bonding video encoders, giving excellent resilience to the modern IP video link. It can be supplied with optional ruggedised IP modem and WiFi hotspot. For high data-rate broadcasting the TP100 Ku Broadcast can be fitted with either a 16W or 55W BUC.

The design includes a 5 segment, 1m high gain carbon fibre reflector, ‘no-tools’ assembly, folding feed arm assembly, quick deploy tripod, inclinometer and fine adjust on azimuth and elevation. The tripod has detachable sand feet to allow for ground anchors to be fitted, ensuring maximum stability for reliable operation. The lightweight, high quality and reliable construction in conjunction with high gain 1m carbon reflector will ensure excellent performance even at the extremities of the satellite footprint.

Once the antenna has been assembled (typically under 5 minutes) the satellite can be found by using our MPAD2 hand held device which will assist in the pointing to any satellite. The MPAD2 has an integrated GPS, electronic compass and inclinometer that will give the user a target azimuth/elevation and polarisation position and actual read-out for the true position of all the axis. The MPAD2 has a built-in signal strength meter to allow accurate peaking to the satellite.

IP Sub-Systems – The TP100 Ku IP Flyaway – Broadcast can be offered with a ruggedised IP modem and ruggedised WiFi router. The IP modem will be attached to the rear of the antenna thus reducing the length of L-Band cables. There is space and weight budget to include the IP modem within the 2 off IATA compliant cases.

The ruggidised WiFi router has the ability to create a WiFi hotspot or use the WiFi as a separate WAN interface, it also has two GSM modem radio’s to give 3G/4G WAN capability. There is space and weight budget to include the IP modem within the 2 off IATA compliant cases. These items can be used with the TP100 antenna in a completely stand-a-lone configuration, but we have developed a quick release locking system to provide a simple, clean and holistic approach to the satellite terminal.

The unique design of the TP100 will not only allow for operation on traditional Ku-Band satellites but also allow access to multiple Ka-Band payloads, increasing the number of options to get your broadcast on the air (this will be achieved with a separate feed arm in a separate flight case).

The TP100 Ku IP Flyaway – Broadcast is powered from a IP65 power distribution unit. This unit will supply power to the modem, WiFi router and BUC, reducing the number of separate power supplies required thus reducing weight.

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Data Transfer: 10 Mb/s

Antenna Type: 1.0m, 7 Segments

Antenna Material: Carbon Fibre

RF Transceiver: 4W Ka Band

Ka Band Tx Gain: 47.5 dBi

Ka Band Rx Gain: 44.5 dBi

Weight: 15kg per case (option dependant)

No. of cases: 2

Case 1 – Antenna, Tripod 77x51x46cm

Case 2 – RF Case (Ka) 75x47x38cm

TP100 Datasheet