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Holkirk CF100

The CF100 Compact Flyaway Antenna from Holkirk Communications is designed to be operated by soldiers, first responders and broadcast correspondents in any of today’s increasingly demanding environments and to reliably transmit from anywhere in the world.

With a proven track record the CF100 provides intuitive, rapid and accurate satellite acquisition in a light-weight but flexible and robust package.

It’s the world’s first truly multiband compact flyaway with outstanding operation in X and Ku-Bands with integrated antenna, RF BUC and auto-acquire ACU, all within a single lightweight and robust carbon fibre housing.

With its rugged ability to operate in all weathers, transmitting at maximum bandwidth, with the option to change frequency or move location rapidly; the CF100 offers maximum flexibility and value for money.

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  • 1m antenna system
  • Compact and robust
  • 50W Ku-Band, 80W X-Band , 25W Ka-Band
  • Auto-acquire / pointing ACU.
  • IATA compliant
Holkirk CF100 datasheet