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The SOLO7 OB Transmitter from DTC is a compact and feature rich COFDM digital video transmitter specifically designed for high quality Outside Broadcast applications. This includes the latest in DTC encoder developments for 1080p50/60 support and 4:2:2 sampling.

Designed to offer maximum flexibility in the pressurised and rapidly-changing OB environment, the unit has a variety of video input options including composite, 3G-SDI and HDMI – particularly useful when accessing material in the field from pro-sumer and semi-professional equipment. Balance audio inputs feature variable gain and 12/48V microphone power. SDI or HDMI embedded audio inputs are also supported as standard. ASI interfaces enable the unit to be used as a stand-alone encoder or modulator.

The SOLO7 OB Transmitter has an integrated control panel with sunlight-readable OLED display covering all major functions and has 16 user-defined presets. A wide range of RF frequency bands is available from 200MHz to 8.9GHz. Users can upgrade the RF section to an alternative frequency band as a low-cost option.


Key Features

  • Robust construction, with integrated battery plates for easy mounting to any camera
  • Field-swappable RF unit allows users to change frequency band quickly and easily
  • Integrated Videosys camera control receiver (option)
  • Built-in full-function control panel and sunlight readable display
  • Industry standard DVB-T modulation for full HD quality and compatibility with existing systems
  • DTC UMVL modulation for enhanced high speed operation (motorsports) and improved performance at high frequencies (6 & 7GHz)
  • Cobham Narrowband (2.5 MHz), Ultra Narrowband (1.25 MHz) and Ultra-X (625 kHz) bandwidths. The narrowband modes allow users to share scarce spectrum allocation extremely efficiently.
DTC Solo Datasheet