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Camera Control System Seperates

Designed to work in conjunction with any cameraback transmitter, our camera control system interfaces with camera manufacturers standard control panels (OCPs), giving the operator complete familiarity with standard cabled systems and eliminating the need to rig separate OCP’s when RF cameras are required.

Control of up to four cameras per channel is possible, minimising operating costs and enabling users to control multiple RF cameras at large events. Flexibility is further enhanced by the wide bandwidth of the system. Operating in the UHF band 403-473MHz, users have access to more available channels without the need to change hardware.

Conventional systems have a single rack-mount TX unit which directly outputs the RF signal. Not only is it un-desirable to have high power RF signals present in the OB truck, the antenna must be rigged close to the unit to avoid significant cable-loss. In many events, this may mean the antenna is not mounted in the optimal location, giving poor system performance, or requiring higher output power than would normally be required, which can increase the RF noise-floor and degrade the performance of other RF systems. Our system utilises a two-box solution – an indoor unit (IDU) interfaces with the OB struck systems and an outdoor unit (ODU) to transmit the RF signal. The units are connected by a single RS422 data circuit, carried on a conventional twisted-pair audio cable or Cat5 Ethernet cable. Distances up to 3Km are possible with this system.

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Key Features

  • Control of all major camera functions via standard camera manufacturers RCP
  • Control of up to 4 cameras via single UHF channel
  • Green and Red tally lights
  • Separate indoor (IDU) and outdoor (ODU) units enable flexible TX antenna location via standard twisted-pair audio cable (~3Km)
  • Wide frequency range 403-473MHz (other bands available on request)
  • TX power 100mW/200mW/500mW/1W (user select)
  • Option to remotely power the data TX via the Hub
Camera Control Seperates Datasheet