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Sapphire RXD2

Sapphire-RXD2 is a Broadcast quality HEVC receiver decoding system, combining class-leading RF technology with Ultra Low- Latency HEVC decoding, presented in a compact 1⁄2 19’’ chassis.

The Sapphire-RXD2 cleverly combines an 8 way diversity COFDM receiver and BWS’ Sapphire Ultra-Low Latency HEVC decoder in a single 2RU 1⁄2 19’’ package, offering end to end latency of less than 40mS which makes it ideal for live action scenarios. Operators requiring legacy support for H.264 should choose the Sapphire-RXD2D which includes H.264 HD decoding.

Eight-way Maximum Ratio Combining diversity inputs ensure reception in the most difficult RF environments whilst configurable LO frequencies and variable power ensures support for a variety of external downconverters.

The Ultra-Low Latency H.265 decoder supports resolutions up to 4K in 10 bit 4:2:2 format and with full support for HDR reinsertion, video interfaces are 12G capable. A monitoring port can be provided on SFP which can be down sampled to HD in the case of a 4K signal.

Sapphire-RXD2 will decode up to 8 stereo audio pairs and output them embedded on SDI, 1 pair of analogue audio outputs are also provided on XLR.

The Sapphire-RXD2 has a unified web-browser control interface for remote control. Local control is achieved with a single touch screen interface offering immediate status on transmitter performance and receiver status. The display can be set to operate in day or night modes, with intuitive configuration entry.

The Sapphire-RXD2 enables onward streaming of video and audio and supports multiple streaming formats including SRT. Timecode and HDR signalling are also fully supported. The Sapphire-RXD2 can support ST2110 interfaces for users requiring high rate video over IP solutions using the SFP interface provided.


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